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"As a wellness practitioner for over 20 years, it has been a fulfilling journey of helping many clients who suffered from a varied range of illnesses and through various stages of their conditions. One thing that struck me, especially these past several years, was the significant and increasing number of cancer patients who have come for treatment to alleviate not only their (often chronic) physical pain and other symptoms, but to also seek emotional and spiritual support as they battle this terrible disease. Some of them are looking for supplementary treatments to help with their healing before, during, and after their primary cancer therapies (i.e. chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery). Cancer patients often feel an overwhelming lack of control over their body, disease, and treatment, and although there are numerous resources available, it can be daunting to explore their options, or find a supportive community.


One thing I have learned about cancer patients, their families, friends, and caregivers is that their strength, courage, and perseverance are inspiring. I am grateful for them, as they are support providers like myself. This is why I want to give back and create an event that is dedicated to them.


I am not a stranger to cancer. I’ve witnessed my own father, two uncles, and a few friends fight it. I have met a lot of courageous people who are living with this illness and they have inspired my passion to work with cancer patients. Using different holistic modalities, along with other conventional medical treatments, it became evident to me that there is a gap in the existing system. Very little reliable information on holistic or self-healing modalities is readily available. Cancer patients often feel lost and discouraged when they realize how much research they have to put in to try something new or different.


I knew I could do more to help.


Fight with Love is born out of the idea of gifting. We are offering a day of activities filled with love and care. It will be a day of providing the means to feel self-empowered through education and inspirational performances and lectures. We will have a Healing Garden set up in the middle of our conference, providing our audience the best experience of sound healing performances and the most updated information on holistic health modalities. Our goal is to provide tools for people to learn how to cope with life with cancer and hopefully make it a positive one. Activities include guided meditation, yoga, several forms of relaxation music, alternative health products, and direct access to health care professionals and practitioners, providing them time to ask questions and receive knowledgeable answers.


Along with the support and effort of many of friends— some of whom are living with cancer—we started Fight with Love.


Fight with Love will be FREE and open to everyone. It is a gift."

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Our goal for this event is not to provide or suggest a "cure", but to encourage positivity and inspiration to those who are living with Cancer. All of the participants of this event wish to collectively work together to help facilitate an energy shift. Feeling defeated or hopeless often comes with being diagnosed with any chronic illness. Through our passion, knowledge, and intention we hope to help shift those affected from victim mentality to warrior mode! Our hope is that through this event we can provide encouragement, information, and relaxation to those affected by Cancer

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